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Electric vehicle charging stations

All circuit wiring / feeders must comply with Art 625 of the 2017 NEC (and 2020 NEC).
Charging stations are considered continuous duty loads required branch circuits and feeders to be calculated at 125% of the maximum load.
The service size must be calculated using 100% as a “continuous load” (such as heating and air conditioning are calculated).
Vehicle charging stations cannot be included in the portion for general load utilizing percentage demand to establish service capacity required.
Everyone should have the service capacity calculated prior to installation of charging systems.

Why Temporary Electric?

The following is information regarding why temporary electric is needed for temporary equipment used to mitigate fire and water damage.

It is important that everyone understands risks and liability of not following electrical codes and osha standards. All electrical codes prohibit knowingly overloading electrical circuits and require gfi  rotection for temporary equipment.  Osha requires gfi protection for all temporary 125 volt equipment. General wiring circuits in houses, offices, and commercial spaces are not installed with the intention of “continuous load” which is three hours or more.  General wiring circuits are not capable of loads exceeding 80% of the rated ampacity of the circuit at any time.  Defective splices and connections can burn under a heavy load, even when the ampacity is not high enough to trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse.  Overloading a circuit will cause a fire if the circuit breaker fails.

Circuit breakers subjected to water, moisture, improper installation, or use in a panel without a ul listing verifying compatability, can fail especially under “continuous load” exceeding its rated ampacity. When you call allways electric corp for the emergency service we will always provide priority service and do what is needed to ensure electrical safety. We will calculate the electrical load requirements of the temporary equipment you plan on using. If you instruct us not to install temporary electric, we will not be responsible for property damage, shock, or electrocution of anyone touching or handling the equipment. Our company will always do the work as per your instructions and want you to have the knowledge needed to make the decisions. If you would like copies of codes regulating fire and water damage repairs or would like to schedule a “zoom meeting” for your company to review these codes, give us a call.

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Electric vehicle charging stations

We are master electricians available to help you with everything electrical to repair, install and maintain. We offer creativity in lifestyle lighting for today’s homes, and innovative programs for commercial buildings to save on account servicing. New York Bulb and Ballast Inc. and Master Electrician Inc. are our specialized corporations working within Allways Electric.


Our master electricians are specially trained to identify problems caused by fire, water, lightning and power surges and can create job plan to re-establish a safe electrical system. We can respond within 1 hour to provide emergency service. Whether for emergencies, repair or to work on a scheduled installation, our flat rate charge includes 1/2 hour of actual repair or installation work. We can show you electrical products that save energy and help to keep your electrical bills low. Call us anytime for the service you need.

Emergency Service 24/7

We have 36 Service vehicles and master electricians including bucket trucks that are fully equipped with parts available daily for on-demand service. If there is an emergency such as a power disruption or damage from water or fire, we can be there within one hour to fix the problem.


With over 196,000 jobs completed, Allways Electric is licensed throughout the 5-Boroughs and in every town on Long Island. Insurance and restoration companies, and adjusters can rely on us to get there when you need us and get the job done right at the lowest possible prices. Call (631) 236-2200 or (631) 236-2179.

Flat Rate Service Calls

Whether for emergencies, repair or to work on a scheduled installation, our flat rate charge includes 1/2 hour of actual repair or installation work. Typically, most service calls can be completed within 1/2 hour, so this rate saves you money. There’s no charge just for showing up like with other electricians who then add on the cost for the work. (This special rate covers all labor. Parts and local sales tax are additional).

Bulbs & Ballast Commercial Maintenance Plan

From our newly formed Bulb and Ballast Division, Allways Electric now offers a significant cost reduction on scheduled maintenance replacement of bulbs and ballasts for both indoor and outdoor lighting in commercial buildings. This plan works by surveying lights out, before scheduling service crews to do repairs at no charge to you.


Use this savings plan to replace lamps and ballasts in fluorescent fixtures, in metal halide pole mounted fixtures, high pressure sodium lamps and ballasts, spot light bulbs, conversion to LED lamps, and fixtures.  New York Bulb and Ballast Inc. is our commercial lighting corporation working within Allways Electric.

About Us

Since 1971, Allways Electric has been a trusted name known for real service and real value. That’s why we have been called on to service over 196,000 jobs making us a preferred choice among homeowners, building managers, restoration contractors, builders and insurance companies throughout Long Island and the 5 NYC Boroughs.


Whether you have an emergency that requires immediate repair… need installations or violations removed… or desire a creative approach to lifestyle lighting, you can count on us to get the job done right. We are fully insured and one of the very few electrical contracting companies that have licenses in every town on Long Island including Fire Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan.  So we know what local codes to follow to do the job safely and prevent unnecessary problems. Our crews are master electricians that are continually trained to follow these codes as well as installing new technology products.

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