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Allways Electric corp is the go-to company for all electrical services in Nassau County, with over 50 years of experience and excellent customer feedback. In almost every part of the country, we have a long history of providing dependable service. Let us demonstrate our abilities for you!

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Nassau County: Electricity's Role in its Development

Long Island, New York’s Nassau County has a long history entwined with the development of electricity. Since its inception in 1899, electricity has played a pivotal role in converting Nassau from a rural region into a prosperous suburban neighborhood.

The creation of the light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1879 changed people’s lives and influenced the development of areas like Nassau County, ushering in the era of electricity in the late 1900s. When streetlights were installed, traffic and safety improved. Horse-drawn carriages were replaced by electric trolleys, allowing for effective countywide transportation.

As electricity became a necessary component of more and more residential and commercial structures, productivity and living standards increased. Electricity changed daily life by powering gadgets, businesses, and houses with heating and lighting.

The region already has a well developed electrical infrastructure that powers residences, places of business, hospitals, schools, and public spaces. 

At Allways Electric corp , we are proud to support Nassau County, our home, and see to its ongoing development. Our certified electricians are committed to providing Nassau County with high-quality electrical services and ensuring its electricity needs are met going forward.

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