Allways Electric Corp

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Plan

Are you in need of professional help with ballast and bulb problems in your business space? Our team of qualified electricians is here to provide thorough service in order to satisfy your needs. We have what it takes to get your lighting system back up and operating efficiently, whether the problem is flickering lights, burnt-out bulbs, or broken ballasts.
Our services include:
Bulb Replacement:
We can change any kind of lightbulb in your business, from conventional fluorescent tubes to specialty LED bulbs. We’ll make sure the new bulbs are put in properly and give your workspace the best possible lighting.
Ballast Repair and Replacement:
If there are indications of ballast failure in your lighting fixtures, including flickering or humming, our electricians can identify the issue and carry out the required fixes or replacements. High-grade ballasts will be used to guarantee enduring performance and energy economy.
Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions:
Want to replace your lighting with something more energy-efficient? To use less energy and pay less in utility bills, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate LED bulbs and ballasts. The installation process will be meticulously managed by our experts to optimize the advantages of your recently installed lighting system.
Routine Maintenance:
Maintaining the optimal performance of your commercial lighting system requires routine maintenance. In order to prevent future issues, our electricians can perform planned maintenance services to inspect your bulbs and ballasts, detect any problems, and take proactive measures to rectify them.
Emergency Repairs:
We are aware that lighting problems can cause problems for your company’s operations. For this reason, we provide emergency repair services to promptly and efficiently handle pressing issues. You can count on us to act quickly to fix any problems, whether it’s a sudden lightbulb failure or a ballast malfunction, and get your lighting system operating again.
Don’t allow problems with ballasts and bulbs to reduce output in your business. Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable electricians immediately to make sure your lighting system is performing at its peak.