Allways Electric Corp


Our company has completed over 15,000 megger tests to test for defects in concealed wiring. Following the megger test, we list the defects (if any) and submit a detailed estimate of the work needed. Many of our estimates will include upgrading older electrical systems utilizing modern technology such as installing ARC fault circuit interrupters and ground fault circuit interrupters, etc. which ensures safety.

Many insurance company adjusters, public adjusters and independent adjusters utilize our company to write an accurate, code compliant, scope of work required.Our estimates comply with National Electric Code, NY State Codes, NYC Codes, National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) guidelines, along with special requirements of all townships and villages throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City.

An application for electrical inspection can be filed on all jobs and a certificate of approval from a certified Long Island inspection agency or the New York City Bureau of Electrical Control.

Most companies have ONE master electrician to supervise the company activities. All Ways Electric has 8 master electricians on staff.

We are always available to discuss your electrical concerns and answer your questions so you can be sure of a safe, code compliant electrical system upon completion of our work.