Power surges due to open neutral in the utility company power supply

During an open neutral event the voltage varies from 0 to 240 volts instead of the normal constant 120 volt supply.
Existing defective ground paths (if any) can result in burned insulation.

Megger testing is used to determine condition of insulation. When low megger readings occur, we attempt to locate the problem when caused by something connected to the circuit.
Failed readings require rewire.
Low readings require installation of arc fault circuit interrupters to ensure safety in the event of concealed damage.

Damage is always possible to appliances and electronic equipment which can either render equipment immediately inoperable or shorten the normal life of the equipment.

Appliances and equipment should be tested by a manufacturer’s certified technician. In addition, the following items of the electrical system can be damaged by the high voltage:

  • Any device or fixture ul listed for maximum 125 volt
  • Led fixtures
  • Fluorescent fixtures
  • Hid lamps
  • Led lamps
  • Incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Dimmers
  • Timers
  • Alarm systems and devices
  • Electronic controls, central a/c controls, heating system controls
  • Surge protectors
  • Electric motors, pool equipment, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, etc

The condition of the existing grounding system can affect the voltage variation increase / decrease. However, it is impossible to determine the levels reached during the open neutral event.

If you have questions, or need help creating an accurate scope of repair needed, please call.