This job was done in New Hyde Park, Long Island

It involved emergency service following damage from fire and water:

  • The work included was the rewiring of a commercial tenant space to facilitate the needs of the new tenant.
  • All existing violations were removed.
  • All new wiring was type MC cable.
  • All new lighting was LED with 0-10 dimming capability.
  • Carbon monoxide / smoke alarms were installed and interconnected.
  • Duplex receptacles were installed.
  • Two-gang duplex receptacles (quad outlets) were installed.
  • 1″ conduit sleeves were installed for future data cables.
  • Central air conditioning and heating systems were wired.
  • A 30 amp circuit to electric hot water was installed.
  • A 30 amp circuit to a commercial dryer was installed.
  • An application for inspection was submitted and a certificate of compliance was obtained.