This job was done in Westhampton, Suffolk County, Long Island.

Our work involved rewiring the kitchen, living room and bedroom including:

  • All code required outlets, switches and lighting
  • New 20-amp circuits to kitchen appliances
  • New wiring to the central air conditioning and heating systems
  • New thermostats were wired and installed for both heating and air conditioning
  • Code compliant GFI units were installed
  • Code compliant AFCI units were installed
  • New recessed LED lighting was installed
  • New exterior security lighting was installed
  • New bathroom exhaust fans were installed
  • New smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms were installed
  • New weather resistant exterior GFI outlets were installed
  • New 200-amp service including copper conductors and a 40-circuit panel was installed

An application for inspection was submitted to the building department electrical inspector and a certificate of approval was obtained for the property owner.