Allways Electric Corp

Go Green

More and more people are becoming Green conscious and there certainly are many opportunities with today’s electrical products. Allways Electric can show you ways to significantly reduce your energy consumption to save on your electric bills and help protect the environment in the process.

Around the house, energy-efficient bulbs, light dimming controls, lighting and electronic appliance controls, and room vacancy light sensors can make a big difference. So too can Energy Star rated appliances such as air-conditioners, refrigerators, washers, dryers and water heaters. You can save about 30% per year on energy costs with affordable Green products. Additionally, the Federal Government offers tax credits for selected products, which further increases your savings.
Commercial buildings built in years past were not designed to accommodate a computer, monitor, printer and digital phone on every desk. Allways Electric can show you how to integrate new ways into your electrical system to deliver better service and significantly reduce the long-term cost of energy consumption. High efficiency lighting, data cables, dimming controls, room occupancy sensors, daylight sensor fixtures, and transformers are just some of the technological advances that your building may be without.
“Big enough to get there… small enough to care.”